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The school is being run with the sole spirit and motive i.e. “Be your own light”, Which is in complete agreement with the definition of education, etymologically speaking education is derived from Latin word “E-duco”, which means bringing out self. We, at Avadh International School believe that education in all its different forms and channels has its ultimate purpose in the evolving of a luminous sphere of human mind from the nebula that has been rushing around ages to find itself an eternal centre of unity. Our institution represents an ideal of brotherhood, where people of different nations, cultures and languages can come together, for we believe in the spiritual unity of humans. The force behind all the tremendous achievement is the Cumulative co-operation and zealous spirit of the school management, self motivated and dedicated teaching staff, industrious and curious students and enlightened parents. To bear the cost of the instrument and never to know that it is for the music, is the tragedy of life’s deafness.



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  • 1. Head Examiner for Board examination of CBSE
  • 2. CTET Dec-22,Aug-2023-24/KVS-2022 City Coordinator(Ayodhya)
  • 3. NAS observer

Mr. Vishnu Kumar GuptaM.Sc., B.Ed.

It is great pleasure and privilege that The Avadh International School has successfully completed 21 years of its meritorious service to the society. For the last 10 years, our school has got a position for its value-based quality education, performance in results, and excellence in co-curricular activities. Our students got positions and won awards in Cultural or Sports Competitions. The credit for all this tremendous progress goes to the School Management, devoted teachers, promising students and zealous parents. We ponder that still we have to achieve higher goals. I have always believed that ‘The Child’ is the joint responsibility of teachers and parents. Hence it is their sacred duty to provide congenial atmosphere both at home and at school. Let the child grow, bloom and blossom in the congenial atmosphere at both the places.

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